Heal the Bay Club Youth Summit



On Saturday Oct. 25, 2014 Heal the Bay Ed Murphy hosted a mini youth summit for a select few at their main office in Santa Monica . 5 club representatives showed up, so about 10 youth sat at a table to share ideas. The schools they came from were as far away as Irvine yet all of our ideas and ambitions were similar. We started out the meeting with ‘awkward ice-breakers’ explaining why we were there, almost all the people I spoke to were attending the summit so they could have more access to events that could help them succeed at spreading awareness. Heal the Bay wants to help youth have more access to resources that can help grow and improve their ideas. We will try to attend more events that Heal the Bay hosts, and earn ourselves some ‘drops’ which are given when hours at an event is completed, to win some HtB prizes, as well as keep in touch with all the other clubs we met to expand our environmental advocacy!!

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