Green Festival


On Saturday September 14, 2014, a couple of our members and marine bio/AP Environmental students attended the Green Festival at the Convention Center in Downtown, Los Angeles. Team Marine was present on the third day, and were able to experience the green energy that flowed from every booth. We were introduced to new healthy food and drinks, and discovered many new foundations and reconnect with groups such as Tree People. We learned about the L.A Beyond Coal Campaign that is sponsored by the Sierra Club, which is a campaign pushing for Los Angeles to stop the use of coal and start using renewable and more affordable energy. We got to see Anna Cummings give a presentation representing 5 Gyres ( and her cute little girl) as well as Angela Sun promoting promoting the new movie Plastic Paradise.  The festival brought awareness towards the environment and it’s problems, but also provided a variety of solutions to improve the world and to reduce humans ecological footprint. We hope to attend many more festivals like this is the future!




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