Recycling at Rose Parade

On New Year’s Day 2014, we had our annual recycling event at the Rose Bowl parade in Pasadena. We call this parade the gold mine of recyclables because every person has a drink or more with them. Unfortunately, we did come across some difficulties this year and almost couldn’t make it. Our usual partner school decided they weren’t going this year, so we had to jump some hurdles and pull some strings on short notice. We happen to be familiar with jumping hurdles on Team Marine and we managed to get out there with a huge van. We ran up and down the streets during the parade. We crawled under bleachers and dug into trash bags after the parade. By the time we finished collecting, we managed to fill up fifteen fifty-gallon bags and crammed them into our large van. Currently, we are estimating the amount to conservatively be 2,500 beverage containers. This event was very successful and will raise a lot of money for Water Solutions For Life to give LifeStraws to developing countries.

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