Paul Scott Presents to Marine Biology Classes!


In order for Team Marine members to be able to accurately teach others about the devastating problems of today such as ocean acidification, plastic pollution, and climate change, we must first be experts on what we are talking about. We pride ourselves on our profound knowledge of these topics, but we are always fascinated to learn more and increase our knowledge. A majority of Team Marine members are in Mr. Kay’s Marine Biology course, so when Paul Scott from Plug in America came on December 10th, we were graced with the presence of an expert on the topic of electric vehicles and the oil companies’ corrupt manipulation of today’s society. Scott is a founding member of Plug in America and an EV driver of 11 years! A longtime advocate for renewable energy, and an environmental activist, he is a great promoter of driving electric. He informed us on the many effects that oil has had on our national security, economy, health, and most importantly our environment. Knowing all of this, it begs the question: are we really paying the true cost of oil? The answer is no. Although most Americans believe that gas is already too expensive they haven’t even taken into account how it’s basically handed to them! If you think about the tens of thousands of people that have died because of air pollution (due mostly to living near busy intersections and freeways), the $50 billion that leaves the US each year to pay for foreign oil and its transportation, and the thousands that have died in the Iraq war that was fought mostly because of oil, then gas prices would be through the roof! Scott informed us on several appalling situations where these corporations have not taken responsibility for their actions. For example, in Ecuador, the people are suing Texaco for damages from oil drilling, (and have been for 20 years now) but it seems to be going nowhere since its countersue after countersue.

So how can we stop the flow of our money from going towards oil companies? Don’t give them another cent. Paul Scott has been powering his EV from solar power for 11 years now and encourages us all to make the decision to refuse oil. He dispelled several myths about EV’s and although many people may think that electric cars are extremely dangerous because of recent EV fires, the media hasn’t even  brought to attention the more than 12,000 fires due to oil consuming vehicles. Furthermore, not only would you be driving in one of the safest cars, but you would also be eliminating 90% of your carbon footprint just by owning an electric vehicle. The lesson to be learned here was best said by Scott, “When you die, is the world a better place because you existed? If yes, then you have succeeded as a human being.”

We would also like to congratulate Scott and the Nissan of Downtown Los Angeles for winning the 2013 Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award. Check it out HERE.

Also check out the Plug in America site HERE.



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