Second Flush 2013

IMG_1174_Hannah's 2nd flush photo

Though we have already blogged about the famous First Flush, this year’s Second Flush proved to be more devastating. On November 21st, there was continuous rain, which caused copious amounts of trash in the Pico-Kenter Storm Drain to rapidly distribute onto the Santa Monica beach. The Second Flush resulted in a plethora of plastics and trash (waste that the First Flush didn’t push) spewing out onto the beach. Team Marine and coach Benjamin Kay rushed to the beach at midnight to catch the footage of the disgusting scene. Mr. Kay’s video of the Second Flush was picked up by the NRDC, Santa Monica Mirror, Santa Monica Daily Press, and various other media outlets. We’d especially like to thank Serena Ingre and Leila Monroe for their reports on the Second Flush. Check out the press received below.

Watch Mr. Kay’s video here:

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Press received:


Heal the Bay

Santa Monica Mirror

Santa Monica Lookout

Santa Monica Daily Press

Common Folk

The Press Enterprise



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