Grades of Green Presentation


On Friday November 22, Team Marine was given a presentation from Grades of Green. Girl Scout Juniors from Grant Elementary School were also present to listen to the presentation. Grades of Green is a catalyst in taking kids’ green ideas and turning them into fruition. Students come to them with their ideas, and they provide them with the resources they need to launch their projects. Students have successfully set up recycling programs and compost programs at various schools around the nation with the support from Grades of Green. Furthermore, this organization has helped kids stand their ground against administration to advocate for a more sustainable environment. Although the non-profit mainly helps children in schools located in Southern California, it has expanded to helping at an international level with schools even in Australia. Grades of Green started in 2009 with four partners who came together with a common goal: to inspire students to become involved in and take leadership in setting goals for a sustainable school community then take the steps to achieve them. We’d like to thank presenters Allie Bussjaeger, Kimberly Lewand Martin, and Robin Murphy for helping us organize this event.

Check out the Grades of Green site here.

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