G2 Gallery-Coral Triangle Talk

On Tuesday January 29th, Team Marine along with Marine Biology students from Santa Monica High School were privelaged to listen to Dr. Paul Barber speak at the G2 Gallery. Dr. Barber, Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at UCLA, has been passionate about bringing awareness to the people about the “Coral Triangle.” The Coral Triangle is located in Indonesia, and is vastly one of the most biologically diverse hot spots for marine life. This area is known as the “Amazon of the Sea” and contains at least 500 species of coral, however, is being threatened due to Coastal Developement and Overfishing. Unlike popular magazines and bumper stickers with “Save the Whale” or “Save the Rainforest”, The Coral Triangle is the least researched to the U.S. With no awareness, we can’t make a difference. After attending this talk and learning about the Coral Triangle, Team Marine as well as others should make an effort, and help spread awareness to this issue.

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