>Team Marine Wins Big in Environmental Science Competitions

Team Marine won 2nd Place in the Quikscience Challenge 2010. Team Marine was awarded 2nd place for all their extremely hard work this year including the creation of an original curriculum and documentary about Team Marines 10 R's, advocating for MPAs, cleaning up and spreading awareness about plastic pollution in the ocean, performing in depth research about storm drain pollution and fouling organisms on plastic, their work to ban single-use plastic bags in Santa Monica, presenting all over California, building a solar powered boat for Solar Cup 2010 and reaching over 9 million people.

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Team Marine “Lab Coats” win 1st Place in the Edison Challenge 2010. Team Marine “Lab Coats” were awarded 1st place for their work with the Teach and Test Program monitoring water quality in Santa Monica Bay and Collecting thousands of bottles to Recycle for LifeStraws.

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