Press Releases


Team Marine CTA Fossil Fuel Divestment Forum

Team Marine SMMCTA Press Release

Bow Seat International Creative Advocacy Competition Gold Award Winners Press Release

September 20th 2019 Climate Action Event Press Release

Water Fountain Audit Report 2016 

LA County Science Fair Cigarette Study_Press Release 2015  

Students Convert Classic Combustible into EV 2013

Water Fountain Audit Report_#2 2013

Water Fountain Audit Report_ #1 2013

Grocery Store Bag Survey Press Release 2013

The Toilet Bowl Effect_Gurgles and Flushes from Pico-Kenter Storm Drain 2012

Samohi Students Convert Bug to EV_2012

Bacteria and Plastic Rise with First Flush_2012

Team Marine Wins QuikSCience Challenge 2012

Pico-Kenter Storm Drain Plastic Pollution_2011

Team Marine Wins in QuikSCience and Edison Challenges 2010

Teach and Test Mentorship Program 2010_

Teach & Test Launches at Samohi 2010

Students March for Bag Ban_2010

Plastic Buoyancy Research_2010

Pico-Kenter Storm Drain Plastic Pollution_2010

Ocean Hero Award and Lobbying in Sacramento 

Team Marine Wins in QuikSCience and Edison Challenges_2010

Plastic Buoyancy Research_2010

LifeStraws Program_2009

A Step Toward a Greener Samohi 2009


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