Team Marine Counters CALSTRS’ Reasons for Not Divesting From Dirty Fossil Fuels

To research CalSTRS’ perspective on fossil fuels, Team Marine went straight to the source: “CalSTRS Perspective on Fossil Fuel Divestment.” What they found appeared as a myopically one-sided approach to the divestment issue. Team Marine was immediately inspired to deeply research the economic, social, technological, and political validity of the CalSTRS perspective, in hopes to craft an objective counterpoint that observes the same issues CalSTRS discussed but through a new lens.

Team Marine delved into extremely complex matters and came up with a formidable counterpoint, formated in a way that perfectly reminisces “CalSTRS Perspective on Fossil Fuel Divestment,” but- enough talking about it. You can read it here. Team Marine highly suggests you take a scan, alongside CalSTRS rendition.

But, if you’re not up for complex reading and inspiring insights into CalSTRS’ fossil fuel divestment, Team Marine almost totally gets it. That’s why we made a (bitterly simplified) infographic summarizing some of the topics discussed in the counterpoint attached below.

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