Team Marine Seniors Graduated!

This past Friday, June 7th 2013, Team Marine’s nine seniors graduated. Stoles were made by junior Katie Oran’s mom and the graduates wore them proudly at the ceremony. Mr. Kay and the rest of Team Marine wishes them the best of luck for next year and beyond!

Adrian Gibson will be attending Cal State Northridge.


Ivan Morales will be attending Fordham University.IMG_0052

Jorge Castillo will be attending San Francisco State University.IMG_0031

Franny Pezzullo will be attending UC Santa Barbara.IMG_0048

Juliet Jimenez will be attending Hawaii Pacific University.IMG_0044

Adrienne Hino will be attending Scripps College.970170_654615471231892_994823968_n

Candace Narvaez will be attending University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.IMG_0057

Matilda Mead will be attending UC Santa Barbara.IMG_0064

Edie Cote will be attending Boston University. IMG_0035

Congratulations Class of 2013! Good luck next year!IMG_0025

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