Culver City Plastic Bag Ban!

This past Monday, the 10th of December, Culver City Council held a hearing for a plastic bag ban ordinance. Team Marine members were excited but unable to attend due to the upcoming week of Finals. However, Team Marine’s own coach, Benjamin Kay, presented Team Marine’s data from a two-year student study of grocery store bag type usage that has been ongoing since 10 months before the Santa Monica bag ban, September 1, 2011. Also, Andy Shrader from Clean Sea Coalition, Marina Debris, a local artist who collects pollution from the beach transforming it into art, and Anna Cummins, a Co-Founder of the 5 Gyres Institute appeared and spoke their opinions and shared statistics regarding plastic bags and the harmful effects they have on the environment specifically the marine life ingesting and entangled in these plastic bags. This creating a boomerang effect back on us when we consume seafood. Approximately thirty for, vs. three against each had a maximum of three minutes to present. Afterthirty convincing speeches from 9 till about 11 Culver City decided to ban the bag.

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