Generation Earth’s Streets to the Sea Challenge

On Thursday, May 26th, 2011 our S2S team went down to Disney Studios in Burbank for the recognition event. Here, each team would be judged by hand-picked judges as well as our very own competitors.  All teams had to set up a booth displaying all we’ve done for the challenge and give 5 min presentations to the judges and other teams. We got to see lots of cool things while going around to the other schools’ booths! We learned about permeable cement, gardening , and we even got to take home some cool stamps made out of single-use bottle caps! Although we didn’t win, we still had a great experience and loved to see others our age with the same enthusiasm that we have towards protecting our environment. Thankyou so much Generation Earth, Disney studios, and ofcourse, our fellow eco-beasts! Congrats to Norwalk High School for winning 1st place among High School Teams and Walter Reed Middle School for winning 1st place among the middle school teams. Great job everyone, keep Eco-beastin’ it!


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