The Streets to Sea challenge!

 Bag team and Car team joined forces to compete in Generationearth’s Streets to Sea challenge. The five of us competing are: Alexis Saez (bag team), Angelina Hwang (car team), Edie Cote (bag team), Ivan Morales (car team), and Matilda Mead (bag team). For this competition, Edie and Matilda conducted a watershed audit of our schools campus.



They found:

20 green- places water can get into ground: grass, bare dirt, and gardens

15 blue- sources of water: faucets, drinking fountains, sprinklers, and hoses

15 purple- places where water travels: gutters, drains, concrete, and asphalt

13 red X- things harmful to water: food trash, candy wrappers, motor oil, and pet waste

37 yellow circles- areas of concern with lots of trash

We then submitted info on our campaigns to teach the community on Single-use plastics(bag team) and alternative energies(car team) and how they relate to our campus watershed audits. Our primary messages of theses campaigns: to REFUSE single-use plastics and to RETHINK our ways of life.

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