>No on Proposition 23


Team Marine members have done their research, and concluded that the team is opposed to Proposition 23. Prop. 23 aims to “temporarily” suspend Assembly Bill 32 until unemployment falls below 5.5% for four consecutive quarters. The unemployment rate is currently over 12%. AB 32, known as the CA Global Warming Solutions Act, requires the state of California to reduce annual emissions of greenhouse gases (ex. CH4 or CO2) to 1990 levels by 2020. The act has stimulated the massive growth of the green industry, where environmentally friendly jobs, products, and decisions are made. With the suspension of this bill, California’s green industry will suffer, and we will continue to think in the present rather than for the future. On November 2nd, 2010, please vote no on Proposition 23, a proposition funded in the millions by oil giants Tesoro and Valero, among others.

ReEducate yourselves: Yes and No on Proposition 23 views

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