>Team Marine Submits To The QuikSCience Challenge

Pictured above: Team Marine jumps for joy after submitting their project

This is Team Marine’s 3rd year participating in the QuickSCience Challenge. The QuickScience Challenge is sponsored by The USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies and Quiksilver, Inc. The Challenge is a multi-faceted competition where teams must create and present environmental lesson plans, develop a multimedia project, write a research proposal, come up with a new solution for an environmental problem and do community outreach. We submitted their project on February 19th but we are far from being done helping the environment!

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Pictured above: Team Marine at USC submitting their project

Pictured Above: Team Marine celebrates by going out for some thai food.

Check out the QuikSCience Challenge Website

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  1. >that was an awesome night so see you guys turn in a jaw dropping project and then follow that up with the best Thai food ever!! Congratulations! I put a post up about in on The Daily Ocean, check it out if you want!

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