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Team Marine Climate Event

Water Fountain Audit Report 2016 NEW

LA County Science Fair Cigarette Study_Press Release 2015  

Students Convert Classic Combustible into EV 2013

Water Fountain Audit Report_#2 2013

Water Fountain Audit Report_ #1 2013

Grocery Store Bag Survey Press Release 2013

The Toilet Bowl Effect_Gurgles and Flushes from Pico-Kenter Storm Drain 2012

Samohi Students Convert Bug to EV_2012

Bacteria and Plastic Rise with First Flush_2012

Team Marine Wins QuikSCience Challenge 2012

Pico-Kenter Storm Drain Plastic Pollution_2011

Team Marine Wins in QuikSCience and Edison Challenges 2010

Teach and Test Mentorship Program 2010_

Teach & Test Launches at Samohi 2010

Students March for Bag Ban_2010

Plastic Buoyancy Research_2010

Pico-Kenter Storm Drain Plastic Pollution_2010

Ocean Hero Award and Lobbying in Sacramento 

Team Marine Wins in QuikSCience and Edison Challenges_2010

Plastic Buoyancy Research_2010

LifeStraws Program_2009

A Step Toward a Greener Samohi 2009