Bottlecap Project Repairs!


One way that Team Marine accomplishes reaching out to all the people that we do is by making eco-art that stands out and captures attention. With an upcoming event on February 8th called the Green Valentine’s Festival (you’ll hear more about this later) we go through a series of procedures to ensure that we are fully prepared to display our art at the event. You may remember our “Rethink” sign made up entirely of around 10,000 bottle caps! We have also constructed a variety of marine mammals out of bottle caps such as: octopi, starfish, jellyfish, dolphins, crabs, and clams. However throughout the years these creations (as well as our “Rethink” sign) have been slightly worn down, so this year’s team marine is going through the process of repairing, reattaching, and in some cases completely reconstructing these creatures. With the great help of Mr. Kay’s Marine Biology class along with our own members, on the 17th of January we organized an event to paper mache the “Rethink” sign and help fix our bottle cap animals. Although there was still much to be done afterwards, we got a great portion of the work done that day! With our members dedicating their time daily to getting this done we are sure to make the eco-art new and improved before we go to exhibit it at the Green Valentine’s Festival!

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