Sara Bayles’ Photography Exhibit

On Wednesday, September 28, 2011 Team Marine visited Sara Bayles’ Photography exhibit. She collects trash from the same beach (tower 26) for 20 minutes at a time with a goal of 365 non-consecutive days of trash collection. So far, she has collected for 238 days and has gathered 903.9 pounds of trash. After each clean up, she blogs about it on her blog, The Daily Ocean. Team Marine got to see many of the pictures from her clean ups and we got to learn a lot more about her project. This was a very informative event and not only did it show us what an ECO-BEAST Sara is, but it put in perspective how much trash there really is. If one person can collect this much for only 20 minutes at a time, at the same spot, then imagine what can happen if every one person chose a different tower and did the same. Sara is doing a great thing and Team Marine loves it. Check out her blog! :

Posted By: Alexis Saez

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