Car Team’s on a Roll!

Car Team’s Overview video has finally been completed! This video gives a short summary of what the past few weeks have been like for the team. We have been active in the community from teaching students at Lincoln and JAMS to expanding our knowledge of the electric car conversion process.

If the video isn’t working you can see it here:

Restaurants prepare for ban

Restaurants prepare for ban

By Melody Hanatani

Daily Press Staff Writer

CITYWIDE The countdown has begun for Santa Monica eateries to begin phasing out their inventory of plastic and Styrofoam containers, environmental demons that will be banished under a new municipal code that takes effect in more than a week. In January 2007, the City Council passed an ordinance that would prohibit the use of expanded polystyrene (Styrofoam) and non-recyclable plastic to-go containers from restaurants and City Hall-managed facilities. While the latter category was forced into compliance last February, restaurants were given a year to make the switch.

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