Too Valuable to Waste

“Dont throw it out, put it in the recycling and let the city sort it out.”

Too Valuable to Waste, Ten Easy Ways to Recycle Plastics

  1. Plastic grocery, dry cleaning, & newspaper bags – Bring them to your local grocer or pharmacy
  2. Water and beverage containers– Toss them in your recycling bin
  3. Milk Jugs– Rinse them out, flatten them and toss them in your recycling bin
  4. Plastic food bottles– Recycle those labeled with a 1 or 2 recycling symbol
  5. Household laundry & cleanser bottles– Clean out and place in the recycling bin-look for 1 or 2
  6. Shopping bags-Recycle bags you get from the mall at your local grocery store or pharmacy
  7. Plastic pallet or stretch wrap-Can be recycled into composite lumber decking
  8. Rigid plastic containers-Recyclable in some programs-especially those marked 2,4 or 5
  9. Electronics-Should not go in recycling bins, go to to find the nearest e-Recycler
  10. Many film plastics– Check your bin, those made from 4 can be recycled