First Flush video posted on ACE website!

The Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) is dedicated to educating high school students on the science behind climate change to inspire them to take action against global warming. We LOVE ACE! They helped us when we participated in The Biggest Loser Energy Competition, Captains Patricio and Alexis attended Raise Your Voice trainings with them, and last year we competed in the Star Wars competition and won a solar charger. On April 5th, they blogged about our First Flush video on their “Hot and Bothered Blog”.

ACE rocks!
Here’s a link to the post:

QuikSCience Recognition Event: Here we come!


In  about two hours, we will be driving to Huntington Beach to the Headquarters of  Quiksilver Inc. for the QuikSCience Challenge Recognition Event. Here, they will be announcing the 2012 challenge winners as well as the the 2012 Ocean Leadership Awards.

Wish us luck!