Car Committee Lesson Plan

¬†As of late, the car committee’s top priority has been to complete its lesson plan. Developments in the interactive portion of this project have increased drastically in the past few days. We have undertaken the construction of three educational display boards that each break down the implications, cycles, and benefits of contemporary fuel and electric vehicles. The first board informs students of the process of ocean acidification by means of illustration explaining carbon dioxide’s cycles in the natural environment and it’s impacts on marine and human life. The second board will focus on informing the students of different types of renewable energy, also by means of illustration. And lastly, the third board’s progress has been greatly expedited by the arrival of our new 3mm LED’s. Each one is as bright as a small flashlight and will serve as a representation of carbon dioxide wafting from the tailpipe of a conventional gas car. When the students place small electric components into the car on the board via cardboard cut outs and velcro, the carbon dioxide will cease its ascent and the LED’s will turn off, respectively.

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