In Defense of Humanity

In the past week, there has been a heated call and response between Marc Gunther and Stiv Wilson over a topic very close to Team Marine, plastic and plastic pollution in the environment. The plastic industry has always fought against environmentalists and their goal to ban plastic bags. Gunther continued the fight by representing the large plastic companies in his article. He supported the companies, like Hilex Poly, denouncing the claim that plastic bags are more harmful than paper bags, and even supported the use of the plastic bag. Furthermore, he made incorrect scientific claims, citing research that falsely said reusable bags contain harmful amounts of E-coli bacteria. He continually oversimplified the arguments of environmentalists, trying to make them seem close-minded and ignorant.

Wilson, an activist and blogger for the 5 Gyres Institute, wrote his rebuttal that set Gunther’s skewed views back on track. Stiv made a bold statement that encompasses the views of Team Marine, Heal the Bay and other environmental organizations. The institutions of plastic bag bans are not caused by the non-recyclable nature of plastic. There is no debate on whether plastic is recyclable, it’s the fact that it is not being recycled. It forces people to take personal responsibility and alter their action. He acknowledges that the bans do not solve the problem. They help to make a difference now that will hopefully promote more change in the future.

This is only one point of many, though. Stiv’s argument is easily accessible. He dispels many of the myths that Gunther presented as general eco-knowledge. The ban of the plastic bag and use of sustainable resources does not need to be sugar coated. It is common sense. If anyone has even a shadow of a doubt about the eco-movement against the plastic companies, it is imperative that he or she reads Stiv’s article.

“We might not have the money on our side, but we have something that always wins in the end: the truth.”

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