Quickscience Challenge!

Team Marine has entered into the 2011-2012 Quick Science Challenge! The science competition is hosted by USC and Quicksilver. Team Marine has entered two separate teams of eight students each for this year’s challenge. The first team entered into the competition is what we like to call the “Bag Team”. This team is focusing on a grocery store survey conducted by Alexis Saez, Lilie Gross, Matilda Meade, Natalie Zunaga, Jesse Robertson, Maykel Pernia, George Castillo, and Edie Cote. The survey determines how many people use paper, plastic, reusable, or no bag when shopping. It also shows the sex and age of each participant surveyed. The “Bag Team” plans to use this information to encourage cities around the nation that a bag ban is both possible and effective. The second team is called the “Car Team”. This team is currently converting a 1971 gas guzzling Volkswagon Super Beetle into a clean and fully electric battery run vehicle. The “Car Team” is spearheaded by Patricio Guerro, Ian Levinson, Cassandra Kliewer, Kalon Cheung, Justin Tavaf, Ivan Morales, and Talal Alabdali. Good luck to both teams competing this year!

written by Lilie Gross

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