The Good Food Festival

 Today, Team Marine attended the spectacular Good Foods Festival, which was held on our very own SAMOHI campus. This was a festival dedicated to showing the community that great food is readily available and giving everyone a taste of some of the best of it! The event also made sure to show people who attended that eating well and being sustainable went hand in hand.

Team Marine played a part here; we showed people of all ages different ways that they could live more sustainably by using reusable products, adopting alternative energy sources or just by understanding the effects of everyday activities on the environment.

We also had a lot of fun meeting some awesome people and trying some amazingly delicious food! The Team got the opportunity to talk to environmental performance artists, square-dancers (Check out Ian with them in the first picture!), organic farmers, bean-enthusiasts, and Julia, the lovely coordinator of the Good Food event. Also, congrats to all the new Team Marine recruits who really showed us their stuff today working in the booths.

Overall, this was an amazing opportunity and if anyone can get the chance to check the event out at SAMOHI, tomorrow, Sunday, September 18th, do it! Or you can check out the page for Good Food festivals to find an event near you or just to learn some cool stuff:


Remember to support local organic food, eat well and live a sustainable lifestyle!

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